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Air Force Colonel – Leading the Bulldogs

Colonel Martha McSally

As a colonel, MacSally’s has a wide range of duties and responsibilities depending from one person to another. She is expected to be able of leading a team and needs to understand the work in her chosen specialty. Colonels may … Continue reading

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Air Force Lieutenant Colonel History – The Longest One Man Search and Rescue Mission

Iceal Hambleton

Air Force Lieutenant Colonel basically performs the task of a squadron commander or director of operations for mission support and maintenance groups such as the division chief in a medical group. He or she may also serve as one of … Continue reading

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Air Force Major – The Flying Knights

USAF Major Rank

A US Air Force Major normally functions as a senior officer at the squadron level. They are usually the flight commanders in flying squadrons or the operations assistant directors. However, majors can become occasional squadron commanders in mission and maintenance … Continue reading

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